One Possible Way in Which to Utilize Archive Storage in Beaumont, TX

If you operate a business that maintains a lot of paper work, you may have noticed that those files and important documents have a tendency to stack up and take a lot of space over the course of time. You may need to develop a plan to move some of your older paperwork and files out of the way and into a place where they are not cluttering up your office space but can still be readily accessible if necessary, such as a facility that offers Archive Storage in Beaumont, TX.

Here is a quick action plan in which you might be able to effectively use Archive Storage in Beaumont, TX:

1. Maintain Active Files Within the Office –
This should be rule number one as it takes precedence over all other rules. Regardless of when a file was created, if it is in any way still active within the office, it should stay in the office.

2. Archive the Previous Year’s Files In-House –
If you have the space to do so, you may want to consider creating a rotation for the files in your office. For example, keep active and current year files out in the office proper while archiving inactive files from the previous year in an out of the way spot within the office. This will only work if you have a space large enough to hold an entire year’s worth of old, inactive files.

3. Archive Two Years Previous Off Site –
This is where the archive facility mentioned above comes into play. Once a set of files is more than a year old, all inactive files should be moved to an off site storage facility.

4. Consider Disposing of Truly Inactive Files –
Even with an off site archive facility, chances are you will eventually run out of space. You may want to consider shredding and disposing of truly inactive files that you expect will never come into play again after two or three years of inactivity.

This action plan is just one suggestion for how your business might utilize an off site archive storage facility. Your specific plan of action should be tailored to meet your exact business and its needs as well as considering how much space you will have to work with, both on and off site.

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