Little-Known Benefits of Orthodontics Treatment in Allen, TX

When you think of orthodontics the first thing that probably comes to mind is the image of a smiling child with shiny metal brackets and wires on their teeth. While this is a true reflection of one aspect of orthodontic treatment, it is not just for kids and not all treatments require wearing metal braces. The most obvious benefit of getting braces or Invisalign is a straight and beautifully aligned smile; however, consider these additional little-known benefits of Orthodontics Treatment in Allen, TX.

Oral Hygiene and Health – Teeth that do not have optimal alignment and that suffer from the effects of overcrowding and overlapping are generally more difficult to take care of and keep clean. Straight teeth tend to attract and hold less plaque and as a result are less likely to have problems such as gum disease and tooth decay. Properly aligned teeth are much easier to brush and floss, making oral hygiene and health simpler, reducing the instance of embarrassing problems like bad breath.

Easier Biting and Chewing Another benefit of having orthodontic treatment to straighten your teeth is the ease it brings to biting and chewing food on a daily basis. Issues like overbites, under bites and open bites all negatively affect the way your teeth function and make something as simple as biting and chewing an apple a very difficult process. Poor alignment also causes teeth to wear down faster from the daily effects of eating and can lead to tooth damage while chewing food.

Better Speech – Spaces and gaps in teeth often lead to problems with speech and pronunciation of certain words. Lisps, whistling while speaking and even stuttering are well-documented side effects of misaligned teeth in patients. Straightening teeth properly with orthodontic treatment typically eliminates all speech problems related to tooth alignment.

Pain Relief – Poor tooth alignment contributes to a wide variety of issues such as teeth grinding, headaches, facial pain, neck pain and even ear aches. These problems, which you can eliminate with quality orthodontic treatment, can lead to excessive tooth wear and extreme pain.

These are a few of the top benefits of receiving Orthodontics Treatment in Allen, TX. If you are ready to straighten your teeth and transform your smile and life in the process, contact an experienced orthodontist today for your initial consultation.


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