Mechanical Use of Air Compressors PA

Running an auto repair shop is no easy feat. Shop foremen have the responsibility of handling customers, managing mechanics, and maintaining inventory. It takes years of experience to learn the subtleties of the auto repair business. Every part of car maintenance must be a foreman’s expertise.
In a tightly run auto repair shop, Air Compressors PA is an invaluable resource. Using a compressed air system make vehicle maintenance simpler, faster, and easier. With compressed air, an auto mechanic can remove lug nuts in a matter of seconds. This allows more vehicles to cycle through the shop.

How Air Compressors work: A pressurized amount of air is pushed into a tube connected to the auto mechanic’s drill. This creates a fast pulse that works to turn the drill and tighten or remove bolts easily. These drills have many uses from removing bolts to drilling holes.

Without the drill attached, having the air Compressors PA is useful to fill tires with air. A tire gauge attachment is an accessory that tells the mechanic how much air is being put into the tire. This allows the repair shop to offer free air fills in order to get more customers into the door and perhaps sell some new tires or wheels.

Alongside most vehicle repair shops is usually a car wash station. Wash operators have a lot to manage when it comes to washing and detailing automobiles. Anything that makes the job easier or cheaper is welcome. Compressed air is also used in the auto detailing industry to offer better wash packages to customers. Detailers at car washes use compressed air as vacuums, and to directly push out debris from vents and engines. Adding extra services like these to a wash package brings in higher profit per car. Consumers see the value added with an extra service and they are willing to pay more.

Utilizing an air compressor in your shop will make your mechanics happier. Gone are the days of using brute force to loosen bolts. This will allow them to focus on other demands. Your shop will be able to offer faster services and add-ons to increase profits and daily car counts.