Save Money with Ductless Heat Pumps

If you are interested in evenly distributing heat throughout your main living area, you should seriously consider investing in ductless heat pumps.

365 days of comfort

Ductless heat pumps will afford your home’s main living area year round heating and comfort.

Cost savings

You will enjoy the benefits of having this new system. On average, owners of the ductless pumps realize a cost savings of 25% – 50%. This is over the normal amount paid against your electrical heating bill.

This system is extremely efficient in the amount of energy that is used and thus the amount of energy that is saved. If you so desire, you can replace the old source of heat with this new and improved source of heat. Your pocket books will surely appreciate the savings each month.

Massive distribution

The ductless system does not require several units to achieve the goal of heating a room. Just one unit can make the main living area of your home feel nice and cozy. This type of unit is perfect for homes with an open living concept. The distribution of heat will be even and everyone will be happy.

Simple installation

Don’t worry about losing the character of the main room. The installation of the ductless system will require not ductwork that’s invasive to your home like traditional systems. The reduction in the ductwork will also add more money to your pockets. You will save big.

Installations are quick and easy. It simply requires mounting the unit to an indoor or outdoor wall and running a few cooling lines and it’s all done. Most installs will only require 2 days of your time for a lifetime of cost savings. This is definitely worth it.

Cash incentives

As natural resources are becoming more scare and countries are seeking to gain their own independence from other countries regarding natural resources, to save on energy is critical. This is such a push, many local governments are offering up to $1,500 in cash to those who will switch to the more energy efficient unit.

Ductless Heat Pumps are the way of the future to offer an evenly distributed, comfortable heating solution to your home.