Understand the Parts of a Plastic Bag Machine

by | Apr 12, 2016 | Parts and Accessories

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Your plastic bag machine is only as good as all of its components. When you get down to it, though, how well do you understand the different parts? It’s always a good idea to have a thorough understanding of the parts you work with. Here are a few common plastic bag machine parts.

Ball punches make the perforated holes in plastic bags. The size and shape of these holes can be customized. The typical ball punch has two parts, a die and a punching head, and is usually pneumatically controlled through valves. Many dies are designed to be either re-sharpened or disposable, and are intended to last for long periods of time. This part tends to have accessories such as springs of varying sizes, air cylinders, lock nuts and bushing.

Plastic bag machine parts also include timing belts, spindle motor gears and gear screw bevels. The timing belt helps machines get a firm grip on the plastic so that they can make a neat seal. Spindle motor gears help a machine transfer power and achieve higher acceleration rates so it can work more quickly and efficiently. The gear screw bevel allows for increased lifting speed inside the machine.

Conveyor belts are also commonly seen parts. This belt can come in different materials, though, depending on what you need it to handle. Cotton belts are notable because they are easy to tighten and don’t deform under high temperatures. Anti-static belts are made to prevent abrasions and keep static from building up along active conveyor belts. Teflon conveyor belts are designed to resist high temperatures and in some circumstances are also chemical-resistant. Canvas belts usually don’t warp and also tend to be water-resistant.

Plastic bag machine parts may also be attachments to the machine. These attachments allow extra tasks to be performed on the same machine. Slit seal heads, for example, have heated blades that seal the bags. Perforators and hole punches, similar to ball punches, can also be attachments. Some of these parts are built into machines, while others can be added-on if you think they will be beneficial. They may also be custom-made for certain machine brands.

Plastic bag machine parts, although small, are integral to keeping the whole machine running. When you know what each piece does, it’s easier to see the big picture that these pieces will become a part of.

Know the plastic bag machine parts you work with. By understanding plastic bag machine parts, you can have a better working knowledge of the whole machine.

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