Masonic Jewellery – A symbol of the Brotherhood

A ring is a perfect circle that many equate with eternity. For Masons, this is the case as well and masonic rings stand for a perfect circle; a symbol which forever ties them in with the Brotherhood. This is a very heartfelt symbol that means the world for this very special fraternity. In order to represent their commitment to their beliefs and their ties to one another, masonic jewellery is worn. There are different symbols present on the rings which Masons wear to denote certain characteristics.

Gold Masonic Jewellery

There are many different types of Masonic jewellery to choose from. Gold jewellery is often chosen due to its high value. It reflects the feeling of esteem which Masons feel for their fraternity. Since gold is often viewed as one of the most precious metals in the world, Freemasons wear gold Masonic jewellery for its purity and high value.

Symbols and what they mean

Masonic jewellery is often adorned with various symbols which have different meanings. One of the most common collection of symbols is the presence of the Square and Compasses. There are also many other different types of symbols which all have separate meanings. As part of a unique fraternity, each individual will select the ring that best speaks to their preferences. Although Masonic jewellery may draw many inquisitive glances from those who are not a member of the Brotherhood, those within it are acutely aware of exactly what their rings symbolize and why they are worn.

Attaining the Past Master Degree

Members who have attained the Past Master’s Degree are eligible to wear their Masonic jewellery. They may have different symbols on them however they are all beautifully crafted with care and attention to detail. The Masonic signet ring can be worn on any finger according the the preferences of the individual. A Past Master’s Degree ensures that the member is fully informed about the Order and knows as much as possible about the Fraternity that they are apart of. As there are many Masons who are uninformed of the history, a Past Master’s Degree is rewarded with beautiful Masonic Jewellery and aprons.

Masonic jewellery is beautifully ornamented and engraved with symbols and pictures. Whether you are a member of the Brotherhood or you are purchasing the jewellery for someone you know, you can find beautiful jewellery online. Make the gift a special one that the recipient will treasure for a lifetime by purchasing the highest quality Masonic jewellery you can find.

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