Important Things to Think About When Planning a Website

Are you considering options for a Washington, DC web design company to help you create a site that packs a big punch? If so, here are some things to think about:

Do you want a highly effective and usable website that will:

1. Wow your DC-area visitors and make them want to do business with you?

2. Attract traffic and garner excellent organic search engine rankings?

3. Blow local Washington, DC competitors out of the water when people compare your offerings to others in your niche?

4. Continually engage your existing customers as well as bring you new ones?

If so, you should probably get some professional Washington, DC website design help. Yes, there are all sorts of offerings online that promise you that you can create a great website in 10 minutes. But how great is it going to be?

Here are some things to think about as you plan your website’s design:


You want it to look good. An eye-catching design with branded logos and a uniform look and feel is important. So is easy navigation. But beyond the way it looks from a marketing and branding perspective is the fact that it needs to be functional, too.


Whether your website is designed to be an online store or is used as a lead generation tool to help bring you customers by describing your value proposition or by sharing your portfolio of work online you want it to be functional. You want it to load fast, to illustrate your professionalism in a dynamic way, and you want it to make life easy for visitors because it gives them the information or response they need.


Your website plan should include results analytics. You want to analyze what’s working, how to improve your conversion rate, and you want your website to help you do business by bringing in new leads, helping you gather information about what your visitors want, and so forth. A good Washington, DC website design company can help you in all of the above areas by making recommendations that incorporate your ideas and best practices in the industry. Research your options carefully by examining portfolios, reviews and testimonials, and by looking at your local competitors to see what their website has and what their website does not have.

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