Why a Standing Tanning Booth Will Always Win Over a Bed

Back when tanning beds first came into popularity there was only one major brand and one way to do it: get undressed and lay down in a tanning bed. However, this did not provide the most evenly distributed tan, as the top portion of the bed was always further away than the bottom half. This meant whichever side you chose lie on – back or stomach – was going to get the most action. Now the standing tanning booth has come around and it’s the perfect means for getting a more balanced shade, and clients of these tanning booths love them.

When the standing tanning booth first hit salons, many customers weren’t so sure they wanted to use them. After all, lying down in a tanning bed is much more relaxing, and it was therapeutic to work on your tan in a tanning bed. Still, as people realized the benefits of using a standing version over a bed, they began to grow in popularity.

When you lie down on a tanning bed, it’s not just the fact one side is closer to the bulbs than the other when it comes to achieving an evenly distributed tan. The beds are very constrictive when compared to a booth, you cannot move around. When you are lying in the same spot all the time, you can miss spots. You may also have lightened areas show up because of the pressure points where you are resting, as well as white lines where your skin may have creased or crinkled during the session.

On the other hand, although you miss the relaxation portion of the tanning session, with the stand-up version you are able to move around and ensure no spot is missed – you can even wear your headphones and dance if you want to, simultaneously allowing for a little mini-workout. A standing tanning booth usually features stronger bulbs too, so you don’t need to spend as much time in there to get the job done. Plus, one of the bigger reasons why people love them over the bed style is because of hygiene: standing tanning booths are simply easier to keep clean.

Regardless of whether or not you prefer a standing tanning booth or a bed as a personal preference, when it comes to efficiency and the quality of the tan, there is no comparison. If you are looking for a great indoor tanning salon with quality tanning booths (and even UV free models) look no further than the quality services offered by Hollywood Tans. With over 100 salons nationwide, tanning is their business – and they only feature the very best in high quality booths, products, and accessories.

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