Learn About Drug Free Workplace Programs in Charleston, WV

Having a drug free workplace is of utmost importance for a wide variety of reasons. With Breath Alcohol Testing and other types of Drug Free Workplace Programs in Charleston, WV, you can ensure that your business is employing people who are not under the influence of drugs and alcohol. While this is a requirement for many insurance programs, it also simply makes good sense from a business standpoint as well.

In the event of any type of accident while employees are on the clock, the federal and often state, regulations require that alcohol and drug testing be performed on the employees who are involved in the accident. This helps to satisfy both these agencies involved as well as your insurance carriers. In addition, it helps you to know if there is a problem with drugs or alcohol in your business.

While employees are well aware of the requirements that you might have as far as drug and alcohol testing, helping them to understand the needs behind these policies is another matter entirely. For this aspect of the business, you can turn to Drug Free Workplace Programs in Charleston, WV. These types of programs are best managed by a company that specializes in this type of industry. Visit Physical Exams Inc. for more information.

If you choose to have your Drug Free Workplace Programs in Charleston, WV administered by the same company that provides you with your drug and alcohol testing then you know the caliber of their work. In addition, you are aware of the way they operate so you know that there will be a welcome continuity to their programs. Their program will dovetail with the information and requirements that have been set forth by the various federal and state agencies that regulate these types of programs.

Many employees are probably aware the effects of drugs and alcohol but they might not realize those effects on their, and their coworkers, job performance. Indeed, rather than simply making their job performance less than stellar, using drugs or alcohol while on the job could put everyone in the area at high risk of serious injury or even death.

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