How the Right Diet Increases Your Chances of Rehab Success

Food has the power to play a major role in determining mood and assisting addicts in their desire to stay sober or drug free. Amazingly, by selecting a combination of the right nutrients and staying clear of foodstuffs which don’t do your mind or body any favors, it’s possible to significantly increase your chances of beating an addiction. Discover below the spectacular benefits of nutritional counselling, an innovative therapy offered at a leading Malibu alcohol rehab center.

Eating for Optimal Health

Following a diet which is full of anti-oxidant rich fruit and vegetables, lean proteins and whole grains helps ensure the body has all it needs to achieve optimal health and fitness. Some Malibu alcohol rehab centers employ specialist chefs to produce delicious yet nutritious menus, specifically tailored to the needs of recovering addicts. A good diet can improve sleep, enhance mood and result in more energy, as well as aid cell renewal and regeneration leading to longer term improvements in health.

Avoiding Triggers

For some people particular foods are intimately associated with their addiction. Even if you’re not a person who suffers from a diagnosed food addiction, it can often be the case a bowl of nuts used to invariably be accompanied by a glass of wine; or perhaps you always enjoyed late night fast food with a nightcap or three. With the right advice and assistance from specialists employed by alcohol rehab centers across Malibu and beyond, it’s possible to recognize which foods to avoid and minimize the chances of being caught out by a dietary trigger.

Controlling Blood Sugar

Treats which are high in sugar are not only bad for teeth, they also cause a rapid rise in blood sugar, which can make susceptible individuals experience an improved mood. As blood sugar levels subsequently fall just as rapidly once the sugary treat has been digested, within an hour or two someone may find themselves unaccountably grouchy and irritable, craving another sugar fix. Mood swings can often prompt a craving for drugs or alcohol, so learning how to eat in a way which stabilizes blood sugar as much as possible can make a real difference.

As experts discover more about the benefits which good nutrition can provide to mental and physical wellbeing, growing emphasis is placed on ensuring addicts staying in alcohol rehab centers in Malibu have access to premium nutritional advice and counselling, as well as wholesome, healing foodstuffs during their stay. Serenity Malibu Rehab Center can provide further information on nutritional therapy suitable for a range of addiction issues.