Signs Your Teenager May Need To Be Admitted Into a Rehab Center

One of the most devastating things to realize as a parent is that your teenager has a substance abuse problem. It is easy to miss a few of the signs or indicators your teen is using drugs or alcohol, as well as to mistake their recent changes in behavior as typical teenage tantrums. There is often a lot going on in a teenager’s life which causes sudden changes in their behavior which aren’t an indication of substance abuse. But once you confirm there is a substance abuse problem, it is essential the teen seeks help (preferably of their own volition and not through force) through a reputable rehab center. The sooner the problem is addressed, the easier it will be to begin the road to recovery.

Signs of a Possible Substance Abuse Problem

Keep in mind many of the signs indicating a substance abuse problem may also be signs of other problems in your teen’s life. However, if you are sure your teen is abusing drugs or alcohol, whether it is recreational or a means of self-medicating, their life depends on getting help through a rehab center as soon as possible. Some of the signs of substance abuse may include:

*Disinterest in their former activities.

*Serious decline in grades and other responsibilities.

*Always asking for money, but not having a solid reason for needing it. Missing valuables or cash from the home is also a red flag which deserves your attention.

*Change in appetite, sleep patterns and moods, such as depression.

*Cutting ties with long-held friends and spending more time alone or with new friends.

*Decrease in the care for personal hygiene and physical appearance.

*Significant weight loss.

Other Concerns

It is possible for teens to be using drugs and/or alcohol without showing the above symptoms, but you will occasionally notice signs of a problem in their behavior around the house. If you or your teenager has been prescribed prescription medications, it is important to keep track of them. If you notice the supply is running out before the expected time or if the bottles are missing, it should be a concern. Unfortunately, when teens have a substance abuse problem, they may also take money and items from the house and loved ones in order to sate the craving for their vice, or just their general need to mask or escape.

It is natural as a parent to try and attribute the behaviors of substance abuse as “normal” teenage angst. However if there is a substance abuse problem, most parents will have a strong feeling something is simply just not right. Even without concrete evidence, as a parent you know your child, and in most situations the feeling of something being not right is usually all the evidence you need. A rehab center will be able to help your teenager overcome their substance abuse problem as well as provide the therapy and counseling necessary for the family and the afflicted to overcome the problem. If you’re looking for a reputable rehab center in Altadena, Pasadena, or neighboring Californian areas, look no further than the professional and dedicated staff found at ASAP Rehab.

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