Leaky and Musty Basement? Contact Experts in Basement Waterproofing in Boston, MA

When a contractor is called to fix a leaky basement, he has to check both the inside and outside of the home. If the outdoor landscaping pitches in toward the home, it will absorb a lot of water which eventually can cause the foundation to crack. Therefore, the contractor walks the perimeter of the home to ensure that all of the land slopes away from the foundation. He then examines all downspouts and ensures that they deposit water at least two feet away from the house. The representative from a company like Drycrete Waterproofing may recommend a series of French drains near the home if he notices wet soil and there is no obvious reason for it.

Once the exterior of the home is in order the expert in basement waterproofing in Boston MA turns his attention to the inside of the house. If he sees’s cracks in the concrete wall, he can fill them with flexible resin. These materials easily fill deep cracks and the smaller cracks that feed into them. The material expands and contracts with temperature changes so that it doesn’t crack during seasonal temperature changes. Because it expands and contracts, it forms a long-lasting seal with concrete. With it in place, water can no longer permeate the concrete wall.

Some homes were built on lots where water naturally accumulates or on land with a high water table. Even the best landscaping and drains cannot compensate for the overall hydrology pattern. In this case, basement waterproofing in Boston MA will rely on a high-quality sump pump to drain the water from the basement area. It should have an alternative power supply, so that it can continue working during an electrical failure. It also has to have an alarm to warn the homeowner when the water reaches a certain level.

Humidity can accumulate in a basement. If the basement windows are always fogging up and the paint is peeling, installing a humidifier is a good strategy. It can pull the damp air out of the basement and replace it with fresh and dry air. Not only will this keep the house in better condition, but the residents might breathe more easily.

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