Lacrosse Tournaments – The History Of This Sport
Lacrosse Tournaments

Lacrosse tournaments have taken place for many years and continue to take place today. This exhilarating sport is said to be the first sport brought to America, proving why it is so popular with the old and young. Generally, lacrosse tournaments will occur on a regular basis in many places around the United States. From all-star teams to high school based tournaments, lacrosse is a competitive contact sport. If you are preparing to get your gear together for lacrosse tournaments, try to learn a little about the background of this unisex sport.

Lacrosse Tournaments – The Development Of Lacrosse

Since AD 1100, it is possible that lacrosse tournaments have evolved and although it is not sure when the exact time of development began, the sport was very well established by the time the seventeenth century came around. Jesuit priests managed to keep documentation of many lacrosse tournaments and as time has progressed, numerous advancements have occurred for the game. Native Canadian adaptations of the game would take place on fields as large as 3 kilometers long. On these fields, up to 1,000 men would get involved with the game, whereas in today’s lacrosse tournaments, the full contact sport is played by teams of 10.

Lacrosse Tournaments – Types Of Lacrosse

What you may not know about lacrosse tournaments is that there are a number of different types of lacrosse. Lacrosse tournaments will be categorized into men’s field lacrosse, box lacrosse, women’s lacrosse and intercrosse. Men’s field lacrosse will be played outdoors with 10 people per team. William George Beers laid out the rules for this type of lacrosse in 1867 and the lacrosse stick will be used to pass, catch and carry a ball, which will be thrown into the goal of an opponent. Box lacrosse will take place indoors, unlike field-based lacrosse. Women’s lacrosse is a female sport with 12 players per team and since 1890; this has been a popular option for women. Lacrosse tournaments for intercrosse will use a plastic stick, which is different compared to the regular flexible stick.

Lacrosse Tournaments – Equipment

To play well in lacrosse tournaments, you need to possess the best equipment. The Native American sport is fast-growing and so to stay up-to-date with lacrosse tournaments, quality equipment should be obtained. The lacrosse ball will be hard rubber and stretches 8-inches around. The helmet is necessary to prevent neck and head damages, while the stick is essential to pocket the ball and score goals. A goal at least 7 feet deep should be placed in the area where the lacrosse tournaments are played and clothing will include gloves, rib pads, shoulder pads, arm pads, mouthpieces and protective cups.

The material of the stick you use for lacrosse tournaments will affect how well you play the game. To purchase lacrosse equipment that is crafted with care and precision,

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