Tips for Using and Decorating with Foyer Mirrors in Sugar Land TX

A foyer in the home is typically the main entryway. It offers a space for guests to greet one another as well as sets the tone for the rest of the home. It is important the foyer is decorated appropriately as it is one of the first rooms one will see. There are many different ways a homeowner can decorate their foyer, including adding foyer mirrors in Sugar Land TX. Listed below are a few tips when using a mirror in the foyer.

Decorating with a Foyer Mirror

  • Mount the mirror next to the foyer door. This will make the room feel larger.
  • Use a variety of mirrors of all different shapes and sizes so that the guests see them upon entry of the front door.
  • Use a shelf underneath the mirror or next to it to display more items for elegance.
  • Add lightbulbs over the mirror to add a more welcoming glow to the room.
  • Choose a mirror with a metal frame that will give the room a unique and edgy look.
  • For a more modernistic look, choose foyer mirrors in Sugar Land TX
  • with a black frame.

Listed below are some more tips for decorating a foyer

  • Mount wall hooks. Having a hook for guests to hang their coats and jackets will make them feel as if the room space was designed specifically for them.
  • Add a small chair or bench. A small spot to sit will allow guests to take their shoes off comfortably.
  • Use a wall covering. A wall covering gives the room a unique look without having to spend time and energy painting an entire wall. It also allows the homeowner to change the theme easily if needed.
  • Add a rug. A rug will make the room feel unified and separate from all of the other rooms that may share the same flooring.
  • Paint the door a bold color. Painting the door will draw attention to space, making guests want to come into the room.

Whether adding just a mirror to the room or doing a complete overhaul, decorating the foyer should be an enjoyable experience. For more tips on decorating or how to make the most of the space provided, contact us today.

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