Japanese Singles: Dating Tips for Non-Japanese Singles

According to the immigration centre of Japan, there has been a steady increase in the number of foreign residents in the country, which was over 2.2 million as of 2008. If you happen to be a foreign resident and hope to date Japanese singles, there’s good news for you. You have nothing to be worried about. The dating scene in Japan has definitely changed over the years, and dating is an accepted norm in the culture today. While it is easy to be overwhelmed by the cross-cultural differences, keeping an open mind will surely improve your luck with Japanese dating.

Japanese Singles: Important Things to Know

To someone who hails from the West, dating Japanese singles can be mind-boggling. It can be difficult to absorb their rich eastern philosophy, and understand the difference between what’s appropriate and inappropriate. In order to have a successful Japanese dating experience, keep the following things in mind:

  • Japanese singles are generally not very direct about their feelings, particularly when they are dating a foreigner. So if your date sits away from you or doesn’t give you a goodnight kiss, don’t be offended. It’s just your date’s nervousness and inhibitions, and it has nothing to do with you. It is best to let time and to meet each other regularly. This will help you both feel at ease.
  • The Japanese usually have a difficult time handling direct confrontation. Therefore, if you feel that your calls to your Japanese date are going unanswered, you are probably being brushed-off. Do not take this personally, as most Japanese singles avoid face-to-face altercation and would rather let things fizzle out on its own.
  • The general attitude towards sex among Japanese singles is more relaxed than it used to be a couple of decades back. The myriad of “Love Hotels” through the Japanese metropolitan areas is evidence of this. So, what exactly are Love Hotels? These are simply budget hotels for couples to indulge in some “alone time.”

Finally, keep one thing in mind – if you are going to get serious about your relationship with a Japanese native, you being a foreigner may not go down too well with the family. Although you may find several international relationships around you, the older generation tends to be a bit finicky about cross-cultural dating and marriages. However, if you are dating casually, you needn’t worry yourself over this right now. Cross the bridge when you get there.

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