What to Expect at Dog Day Care Mclean VA

Dog day care Mclean VA offers a social experience, or play group if you will, for your dog while you are busy during the day. By taking advantage of the many services provided at a dog day care center, both you and your dog will reap the rewards. Your dog will be happier, healthier and better behaved from the interaction and exercise he receives during the day. Despite hearing about the benefits of dog day car, many people are still uncertain as what to expect at doggie day care. Here are some of the basics.

Most dog day care centers are held in large, open indoor spaces that have separation systems based on the size and temperament of the dogs. The dogs will be comfortable with air condition, heat, and bedding. The other items within the facility may include furniture for dogs to climb on, agility equipment, and a wide variety of toys. Quality dog day care centers have an outdoor exercise area as well, as our canine companions require a couple of hours of playtime outside each day, not just bathroom breaks.

It can be challenging for your dog to get enough exercise, especially if you work long hours or are constantly on the go. Without it, however, dogs are more likely act out by chewing, barking, and pulling on leash. Some dogs even become more aggressive towards people. By taking advantage of dog day care Mclean VA, your dog will have ample opportunities to play and exercise while under the supervision of trained professionals.

Dogs that do not follow playtime protocol typically receive positive reinforcement training methods from the staff at a day care facility. This dog-friendly approach is endorsed by the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behaviorists, the ASPCA, and every other reputable animal organization in the country.

If your dog needs additional training or behavior modification, some daycare facilities also offer a day school that teaches a variety of things including: new puppy manners, house-training, pulling on leash, jumping, barking, growling or biting, over-excitement, recall, chewing, house-soiling, anxiety, shyness, and much more. By utilizing the expertise of the professionals at dog day care Mclean VA, your dog will be better behaved in as little as two weeks.

At dog day care Mclean VA, you can be assured that your dogs comfort and safety will be the top priority. Many facilities even employ an on-call veterinarian in the event that your dog becomes ill or injured. Leaving your dog is never easy. It should be a little easier though, knowing he is with trusted professionals who take good care of him.

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