Industrial Monitors on the Construction Site

by | Mar 15, 2012 | Computer & Internet

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There once was a time when a construction supervisor would never have dreamed of leaving for a job site without a construction-grade hammer and saw. Now, those indispensable tools are an industrial computer and monitor. Industrial computers are designed to withstand extreme changes in temperature, exposure to liquids, dust and debris, and harsher use than an everyday home or office computer. An industrialmonitor can display computer images just as a home monitor does, but it is also built to function under the same severe conditions as an industrial computer.

An industrialmonitor is usually set in a metal frame so that it can be mounted on an equipment rack. This allows a construction supervisor to readily access building specs, supply lists, and contractor contacts while on the job site. Because he doesn’t have to travel from the site to an office, he is able to save valuable time and money. In addition, having access to a monitor right at the site means he can make critical decisions on-site, utilizing human resources and technology all at the same time.

The rugged design of the monitor means that sawdust, falling tools and atmospheric moisture are not sources of concern. Although they would ruin a home computer, an industrialmonitor is designed to hold up under these conditions and other pitfalls of the construction site. A fall from three feet onto concrete would certainly destroy a normal computer monitor, but certain industrial monitors are designed to survive falls of up to eight feet.

In addition to its uses on a construction site, an industrialmonitor can be employed in any extreme working conditions, such as loading docks, medical laboratories, road construction sites and military maneuvers or combat. Any setting where the conditions would be considered too rough for an everyday computer or monitor is one where an industrial computer and monitor are needed. Along with computers and monitors, many companies also manufacture industrial grade computer peripherals— such as keyboards, pointing devices and trackballs—to increase efficiency and productivity at hazardous work sites.

Anyone in construction or a similar line of work who needs to utilize a computer and its components can benefit from an industrial computer and monitor. These tools have the ability to offer great assistance in the completion of modern industrial work.


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