Control, Comfort and Productivity: The Benefits of a Keyboard with a Trackball

The advantages of using a keyboardwith atrackball are so numerous that if you are still using an independent mouse, you may want to seriously consider switching to a trackballkeyboard. A keyboardwith atrackball provides you with more control, comfort and productivity. In addition, it can free up space in your work area.

Most users experience some difficulty when they transition from a free-standing mouse to a keyboardwith atrackball. However, after an initial adjustment period, they find that they actually have much more control over their cursor than they previously had. This is especially helpful for programmers, gamers, typists, data entry specialists and anyone who needs to utilize both a keyboard and cursor while at the computer.

A trackballkeyboard also provides greater comfort. Instead of moving from keyboard to mouse and mouse to keyboard, your hands are allowed to remain relaxed and resting at the keyboard in a more natural position. Because you are no longer moving the mouse independently—putting strain on the muscles of your hand, wrist, and arm—you no longer risk long-term health problems like RSI (repetitive stress injury) or CTS (carpal tunnel syndrome).

Increased control and comfort leads to higher productivity. Individuals whose work requires excessive use of a computer mouse will find that they can be much more productive and efficient using a keyboardwith atrackball because they no longer experience pain and fatigue from using a free-standing mouse. Because you are more comfortable, you can work longer without feeling strained or worn down. In addition, when you are not working, you will not feel the stiffness in your hands and wrists that you once felt after using your independent mouse.

Not only will a keyboardwith atrackball make you more comfortable and in control, but it will also free up valuable space in your work area. Not only does your free-standing mouse take up space on your desk, but it also requires a mouse pad to function properly, and both of them are positioned exactly where you would normally place papers. Therefore, if someone brings you something to sign or review, you either have to move your mouse and pad out of the way or find some other place on your desk for the papers. A keyboardwith atrackball can alleviate these irritations, freeing up space right next to your keyboard for all of your paperwork.

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