How To Find The Best Network Cabling in Tacoma, WA

Network cabling is used to connect and transfer information and data between computers, switches, routers, and storage area networks. Any business owner knows that they need to be able to connect with anyone who is involved in keeping their business operating. If a business were to lose contact with their customers, suppliers, or anyone else who is critical to the company’s day-to-day operation, the business may begin losing revenue immediately. These cables are essentially the conduit through which data flows. This guide will go over the benefits of Network Cabling in Tacoma WA.

Different Types of Cables

Despite advances in wireless connectivity, many computer networks today still rely on cables to transfer data among devices. There are many standard types of network cables that exist, and each is designed with a specific purpose in mind. There are coaxial cables, which have an inner copper wire of varying thickness surrounded by insulation and another shielding. There are also fiber optic cables that use strands of glass and pulses of light to send data. There are also twisted pair cables and USB (universal serial bus) cables.

How Does This Apply To Phones?

When dealing with Network Cabling in Tacoma WA, it can be helpful to know the existing phone system thoroughly. How many phones are there now? How many are in use at the same time? What type of staff growth will there be? Is the existing cabling running to every desk? Can the network support POE (power over ethernet?) It is critical to find a communications company that knows how to build business phone systems and sync them with a company’s computer network.

Upgrade Both Phone Networks and Computer Networks

Customers should find a network cabling expert who can come in and not only install and test the cables but provide assurances that the cables will work for years to come. Find an installer who can guarantee that the infrastructure operates securely and efficiently and result in minimal downtime or disruption. Finding a company that can do their own permitting and certificate of insurance can save customers time, and often money, as the project will be able to begin more quickly.

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