Home Oral Hygiene and Regular Checkups at a Clinic for Children Dentistry in Silverdale WA

By the time a child is about five years old, a practitioner of Children Dentistry in Silverdale WA expects this youngster to be able to brush and floss without parental help. That’s when a child’s motor skills usually are developed enough to manage these tasks effectively. The parents should have been teaching the child the correct way to brush and perhaps to use a device that holds floss and makes the task easier for little hands.

Motivating the Child

Motivating a child can involve making the activity a fun one. What’s not to like about putting toothpaste on a brush and creating lots of tasty foam on the teeth through brushing? Children should be able to get a kick out of this. Another motivating factor includes one or both parents doing their oral hygiene regimen at the same time the youngster does. Children usually like imitating Mom and Dad.

Limiting Sugary Substances

Parents also should limit their children’s intake of sugary foods and beverages, since those items are main culprits in the development of tooth decay. Kids can be encouraged to drink water, with a sweet beverage allowed perhaps once a day as a treat. Sipping on soft drinks or juice boxes throughout the day should not be allowed.

Preventing Cavities

With this care of oral hygiene at home and routine checkups with teeth cleaning at a clinic for Children Dentistry in Silverdale WA, kids may be able to avoid ever getting any cavities. By age five, the child may have heard stories from friends or cousins who have already needed to have a cavity filled. This can provide even more motivation to brush every morning and again before bedtime, and to floss once a day too.

Concluding Thoughts

Children may not understand all the finer points behind the need to brush and floss their teeth, but they will want to avoid getting cavities and needing a filling from a dentist. They’ll probably respond to the idea of bright, white teeth and a happy smile. They may also relate to the concept that not brushing and flossing can cause bad breath, and nobody wants that. They’ll appreciate their excellent checkup results at a clinic such as Dentistry for Children.

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