How To Buy New York City Condos

by | Mar 10, 2016 | Real Estate

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Searching for perfect New York City condos can be incredibly overwhelming. Unwanted advice can come from every angle, including well-intended but misinformed friends, family, and co-workers. Sorting through all the information given in order to make the best decision for any buyer can be time-consuming, and research intensive. In reality, there are only a few general rules that perspective buyers need to keep in mind when looking for New York City condos – everything else is really up to the individual buyer and his or her unique tastes.

Prepare The Financing

Buying a home is the most important purchase a person can make. A home should be a refuge, a place of comfort and solace, not something that reminds buyers of constant stress. To prevent that from happening, it’s advisable that buyers see a mortgage broker and get pre-approved. This will ensure that buyers know the maximum they can afford, preventing disappointment or unrealistic expectations later on. It’s also a good idea to factor in the cost of condo fees, taxes, insurance, and any other dues that may be payable in association with the condo on a one time or yearly basis. Buyers should be sure that these fees are affordable, and that they can still remain in their budget after factoring in those extra expenses.

Consider The Neighborhood

Buyers not from New York City are advised to talk with friends and family, and read as many neighborhood reviews online as possible, before selecting their next neighborhood. Anyone from New York City should travel to each district that interests them to carefully examine all aspects of each neighborhood to ensure they will feel safe and comfortable in their new home. Most condo buildings do have security, but consider the surrounding neighborhood before making any decisions.

Think About Amenities

Some buildings will have more to offer to buyers than others. Before browsing online for a new home, buyers should make a list of which amenities are essential and which are ones they could do without, if need be. For example, a beautiful view and large windows are important to many people, so ensure that these are qualities each condo you view possess. Making a list will save you, and your realtor, time.

Manage Expectations

Even if the buyer has secured adequate financing, his or her offer may be rejected by the seller. Keep this in mind when searching for a new home, and try not to get discouraged if an offer is rejecte Most condo buildings do have securityd. After all, the seller wants to maximize the value of his or her home just as much as the buyer wants to ensure he or she gets the best deal possible. Entering into negotiations with realistic expectations will not only ease disappointment if an offer is rejected, but may help the buyer develop more acceptable offers.

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