Metal Prints From Miami FL – What Are They & Do You Want Some?

Metal Prints from Miami FL may not be an everyday, common place item but, if you think about it, it’s not too difficult to understand that there can be a need for them. Old fashioned looking metal boxes for the packaging of things like candies or cookies spring to mind and that thought quickly takes you through to the identification/advertising printed on the outside of any drinks can. Or, how about those old automobile oil and gasoline plaques that gas stations used to use – weren’t they effectively printed onto metal? However, none of this is of much use if you are not involved in the packaging or marketing of such products. In addition, all of these are more functional than beautiful.

Printing Onto Paper Or Plastic

There is the obvious area of book, newspaper and poster printing. But, if we ignore that and look at more specialized printing, what most of us have in mind is printing in lower numbers for anything from a print of our favorite photograph to a large advertizing banner printed onto vinyl. If we also ignore the small album sized photographs and concentrate on enlargements, we are looking at two distinct categories. There are the prints that are mounted for display in our homes or offices and also those that are used purely for advertizing purposes. Paper or plastic are still the most common base media for printing these onto since they readily absorb ink.

However, each does have some disadvantages. Paper tears or creases easily and usually needs to be framed and under glass for display purposes. Vinyl is OK for limited outdoor exposure but it can also crease and colors may well fade.

But There Are Alternatives

Hard plastic sheet or metal would avoid such disadvantages but both are naturally impervious to ink penetration. However, computers and ink material science have vastly changed the very nature of printing in the last few decades. Colors are more vibrant and less prone to fading. The maximum print area has increased dramatically. And, ways have been discovered that allow printing inks to be applied directly onto metal surfaces – especially light weight aluminum.

The Metal Prints in Miami are now being produced in what can only be called fine art quality and can easily be displayed on any wall, not only at home but also in galleries. This same quality also adds instant eye catching appeal to trade display items whether out on the street, in stores or at trade shows.

Metal Prints from Miami FL may not be an everyday, common place item but, if you think about it, contact Blix Corporate Image LLC for motal printing.