How Businesses Can Create an Effective Waste Management Plan

Businesses must do their part to minimize their carbon footprint, and developing a waste management plan a big part of the process. Achieving those goals is easier than one thinks when they implement the following steps.

Determine the Amount of Waste Produced

The first step in creating a plan is to determine a baseline. To do this, businesses need to identify how much trash they produce. Right before trash is collected, have a team member record how much trash is in each bin and how many bins the business uses.

Set Expectations and Goals

Once a business knows how much trash they generate between collection days, the next step is to set up goals and expectations. Businesses should consider the following:

  • Does the business want to reduce their waste production?
  • Does the business want to focus on recycling?
  • Can some waste products be reused?
  • How soon does the business want to see the changes implemented?

Businesses that have a clear idea of how much waste they generate and their goals gives them the information they need to create a waste hierarchy. From this point on, companies need to implement their management goals based on the hierarchy of importance and choose a waste management company that will help the company meet these goals.

How to Choose a Waste Company

Companies must choose waste companies that offer the services necessary to help them implement their management plans. Businesses who have questions about waste management plans should contact Waste Control Incorporated at

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