4 Secrets to Hardwood Flooring Selection

Choosing the right flooring is essential in a home renovation. It can affect everything else. Given its durability and visual appeal, you may want to consider shopping for hardwood flooring in Gilbert. Here’s how to pick one.

Solid or engineered?

There are solid and engineered types of hardwood floors. You’ll want to think carefully about the type you want for your home, the Architectural Digest says. While solid hardwood is easily available, plenty of companies offer engineered flooring too. Weigh the pros and cons of choosing one over the other before anything else.

Think about the product finish

You can buy hardwood with a raw face that gets finished by your flooring contractor. But that’s a bit like rolling the dice since a lot will depend on the skill of the contractor you hire. Buying prefinished hardwood flooring in Gilbert, though, means you already know what you’re going to get.

Choose the wood type

Oak is the most common type of hardwood flooring and often the best. It’s durable, and the material takes stains very well. With a naturally appealing grain pattern and often available in many parts of the country, oak is a natural option. You can also go for walnut. It’s not as durable as oak, but the deep color makes it an ideal match for many homes. If you want a warm and rich tone for your flooring, then this is the best option you can go for. Other types of hardwood materials include cherry, maple, ash, and hickory.

Reminder: Pick an excellent contractor

If you want to make sure the renovation goes off without any problems, it’s best that you hire the services of an experienced home renovation firm or flooring contractor. That way, you can get the hardwood floors that are perfect for your home.

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