How Are nonprofit Organizations Using Flash Drives To Find Donations

by | Feb 7, 2013 | Computer & Internet

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Donations are the life-blood of nonprofit organizations. Nonprofit organizations are mainly involved in charitable causes. The aim of establishing them is not for profit-making, but rather for charitable purposes. Therefore, they can’t source for funds from investors who expect returns on their investments. They also cannot always get funds from the government. Donations from kind-hearted individuals and corporate bodies are often the only funding option available to nonprofit organizations. Without donations, nonprofit organizations cannot survive because they will be unable to finance their activities.

To keep the donations flowing, nonprofit organizations need to come up with innovative fundraising strategies. For a fundraising strategy to be effective, it should be budget-friendly, provide as much information as possible on the organization’s activities, and reach out to a large number of people.

There is no point looking for donations when the financial cost of getting the donations outweighs the funds gotten. For a fundraising campaign to be effective, the financial cost must be on the low side. The money realized from the campaign can be used for the purpose it was meant for, instead of footing the bills incurred in the course of raising it.

An effective fundraising campaign should be able to reach out to a large number of people. In fundraising campaign, more people equal to more donations. Therefore, a campaign strategy that covers wide audience base is more likely to rake in more donations. An effective fundraising strategy should be able to throw more light into the non-organization’s activities. The more people become aware about the organization’s activities, the more they will be interested in giving a helping hand, with their money, to the organization’s cause.

Technology has provided a way for non- profit organizations to keep donations flowing. The use of flash drives to find donations is very effective for fundraising. Information about the organization’s activities is stored on the flash drives used for fundraising drive. Cheap flash drives are usually used for this purpose. The organization’s mission statement, past projects (including pictures), financial statements, community events, donation forms and other information are usually stored on the flash drives and sent to potential donors. Links to the organization’s website are also included in the information stored on the drive.

The use of cheap flash drives is an excellent way to raise funds by nonprofit organizations. Compare to ways of promoting their activities, this method is very economical. The financial burden of this fundraising strategy is the cost of the flash drives. And they are usually cheap. Thus, the chances of the financial cost of this strategy eating deeply into the funds raised are very slim. This leaves the organization with more money to finance their activities.

The number of people a nonprofit organization can reach using this fundraising strategy is enormous. Organizations can distribute the flash drives to as much people as they want. They can even inject a touch of creativity into this strategy by using flash drives in the form of armband and branding it with their name and logo. When they do this, people will become aware of their existence and activities because the branded armband will be associated with them. This increases their visibility in the eyes of the public which enable them to increase their donor base.

Although there are other methods of nonprofit organizations use to raise funds, the use of flash drives is very effective. The cost implications of this strategy is on the low side when compare to other methods. It enables the organization to explain its activities exhaustively to potential donors, and it can reach out to large number of people. Above all, it delivers results. This explains why it is becoming a popular strategy used by many nonprofit organizations to raise funds


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