Beating The Scourge After Termite Inspection

One of the things people most dread finding in their homes is confirmed following a termite inspection in Chula Vista and elsewhere.  Termites are one of the most pervasive and unsettling insects that can be found in a home, and knowing how to keep them out of your home can be one of the most beneficial things you ever learn.  It can give you peace of mind and a feeling of increased cleanliness in your own home.  This article will go over some of the main things that invite termites to a property, and ways you can keep them away.

Termites thrive on some of the same basic essentials as people.  They require a source of food, moisture, and shelter in order to live.  It follows that anywhere these conditions are ideal will also be locations inviting to termites.  Does your home fit this model?  The first thing to do is try and prevent your home from being a good source of food for the termites.  Termite inspection in Chula Vista will often see leaves in gutters as excellent locations for pests to thrive and even gain entry into a home.  The leaves provide a moist environment and an ample food supply.  You might also expect to see them in wood piles outside or inside a home, and one of the most common storage methods for us, cardboard, is also a favorite of termites, who enjoy the dampness of that material found in closed off storage areas of your home.  Concrete barriers and treated, pressurized wood for outside projects can also discourage termites, where other materials might instead be ideal environments.

Areas of high moisture for termites, as termite inspection in Chula Vista shows, are found very often around air conditioning tanks, where moisture leaks out close to the home.  Dryer vents are also very moist, making them particularly well-suited to a termite’s favorite conditions.  Check to make sure faucets are secure, without any leaks.  Leaking can lead to situations as problematic or even more so than having termites in a home.  Also, if we’re in a war between termites and our homes, one of the great methods for preventing termite encroachment onto your space is for you to have a termite or general pest “no man’s land” in the immediate area around your home.  Any of the vines, flower and other gardens, and even storage containers that are located too close to the home can be invitations for little termites that don’t want to be found.  Through controlling the termite’s food, shelter, and moisture, you can keep the termites uninterested, and feel better at home.


Termite Inspection Chula Vista – Enjoy your own home with even greater peace of mind and security through a termite inspection in Chula Vista! With a termite inspection in Chula Vista, you are able to see the professionals win back your home.

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