How a Commercial Cleaning Service in Meridian Uses Hot Water Extraction Systems

A commercial cleaning service in Meridian will use a hot water extraction system to remove the dirt and grime from your carpet. You might have heard of steam cleaning, which is what hot water extraction is usually called, but there is no steam involved in the cleaning process. How exactly does hot water extraction systems clean your carpet?

Cleaning Agent

First, a cleaning agent is applied to the carpet. It is usually just spread around the room like a farmer feeding chickens. A brush or broom is then used to activate the cleaning agent. It “wakes” up the chemicals and also helps to spread the cleaning agent into the fibers of the carpet.

Truckmount Hot Water Extraction

Truckmount hot water extraction is the powerful part of carpet cleaning. Houses are attached to a machine in the back of the truck. That machine holds lots of water that is heated to up to 300 degrees. It travels through the tubes, where the temperature lowers to 150 degrees, until it reaches the vacuum extension at the end. That water is forced into the carpet and then sucked right back with the cleaning agent and all the dirt. That way, your carpet doesn’t become sopping wet. In fact, it ends up barely damp.

Portable Hot Water Extraction

Some areas of your home are inaccessible for the truckmount system. Portable systems work in the same way, but with a few differences. The system is smaller so it reaches small areas and can go upstairs easy. The water is heated using your electricity and doesn’t always reach the same high temperatures as the truckmount. While the portable system isn’t as powerful, the cleaner will use it several times on the same area to make sure the carpet is just as clean as with the truckmount system.


Deodorizing is especially nice if your carpet gets lots of dirty foot traffic that leaves behind smells. Deodorizing is a process that masks the smell so that your carpet smells brand new. It usually involves spreading a powder around the room that sucks up the odor. The powder is then vacuumed up and the odor with it.


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