Common Questions about Dentures in Manassas Park

If you have ever considered dentures in Manassas Park, you may have some questions about them. Dentures are a type of artificial substitution for a person’s natural teeth, as well as the tissue that is around them. There are a number of different types of dentures, which range from an entire set that will replace all of your teeth, to only partial dentures that have been specifically designed for the replacement of just a few missing teeth. Some of the most common questions about dentures are answered here.

What Advantages do Dentures Offer?

There are a number of specific advantages offered when you have replacement teeth, rather than leaving missing gaps or decaying teeth present in your mouth. dentures can help to keep your facial muscles from beginning to sag, which can cause a person to appear older. You will also gain the ability to speak and eat more easily, which is something that is often taken for granted until a person begins to lose their natural teeth.

When dentures are received, they will also restore your ability to smile with confidence. While not everyone will require dentures during their lifetime, those that do need them will definitely enjoy the benefits they offer.

Are there Different Types of Dentures?

There are a number of different options when it comes to dentures. There are some services that will provide a type of one-size-fits-all denture, which can actually cause chronic irritation, leading to changes in your gum tissue and bone. It is important to seek dentures in Manassas Park from a professional that can ensure that they are custom designed to fit your mouth.

What Types of Dentures are Available?

There are four main types of dentures including: complete dentures, which are a full replacement for all of your teeth and can be for the upper, lower or both jaws; immediate dentures are placed right away after a tooth extraction and used to provide a temporary set while your tissue an bone sets; overdentures are similar to a set of complete dentures but where one or more of your natural teeth are used as support; and partial dentures which are specifically designed to correct the gaps that are present in your smile

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