3 Signs of Poor Carpet Installation to Watch Out For

Installation mistakes can be a big waste of time, effort, and money. Make sure it’s done right. Check out the following mistakes so you’ll know what to look for when you pay for carpet installation services in Salt Lake City.

Zero wrinkles

The surface of the carpet must have no wrinkles or folds. One tip, though. You could try stepping lightly on the wrinkle. If it disappears, then it may have been caused by something in the padding, which isn’t a problem. If the wrinkle doesn’t go away, though, then that’s a sign that the contractor didn’t do a good job. Keep an eye out for that, SF Gate says.

Frayed or loose edges

Check the seams where the carpet meets the walls or doorways or any flooring. If the loose or frayed ends haven’t been tucked under the walls or floorboards, then that’s another sign of poor installation. This could result in unsightly seams if left unattended. Call a reputable carpet installation contractor in Salt Lake City to handle this from the get-go to avoid such problems.

Buckles or dips

Lie on your stomach to check the carpet for dips or buckles. If you don’t see any, then that’s a good sign. If the carpet surface isn’t level and smooth, though, ask the contractor to check if the padding underneath the carpet may have buckled. However, the contractor should notify you of any subflooring problems before the work starts to avoid these problems.

Getting help

Look for a local flooring company with more than enough experience in the field. Ask around. Check in with neighbors and friends in the community. Also, does the company use grade-A flooring materials? What kind of reputation does the firm have? If you want a reputable flooring firm, the Utah Flooring & Design team makes a sound choice.

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