How to Find a Christian Doctor

The Pastoral Medical Association (PMA) is an international regulatory board that licenses Christian doctors to practice pastoral medicine. Its purpose is to provide a choice for patients who prefer to use faith-centered health care. The PMA was formed with the purpose of providing health care professionals advanced training and certification in faith-based medicine, and to give patients who desire a Christian doctor the ability to find one.

Licensed PMA professionals come from all specialty fields: medical, spiritual, mental health, Eastern Medicine, Western Medicine and many fields in-between. Many patients appreciate the option of being able to choose a Christian doctor for their health care needs. Pastoral medicine is based upon the concept of treating the “whole” person physically, mentally and spiritually.

If it is important to you to have a faith-based health care treatment plan, ask your physician about his beliefs. You can ask your health care professional if he possesses a PMA certification or contact the Pastoral Medical Association and ask for a list of registered Christian doctors and other Christian health care professionals. You put a lot of trust in your doctor, and you have a right to choose a doctor with whom you feel comfortable.

Faith-based medicine and Christian doctors provide many patients with the compassion they feel is missing from secular medicine. When faced with tragedy and near death situations, patients seek emotional, spiritual, and physical support. Many Christian doctors realize that they do not have to remain distant or afraid to show compassion towards patients and their families. If a patient feels secure in his doctor and has a sense of physical, emotional and spiritual well-being, his chances of recovery are greatly improved. Faith-based medicine makes patients feel human, and not as though they are just a medical specimen.

Doctors and patients discuss spiritual beliefs that may give many patients the strength they need to make it through trying times. If you are seeking a Christian doctor and a faith-based treatment programs, make an appointment today to find out what options are available.

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