General Contractors in Colorado Springs Prepare for Hotel Renovations

Now into the fourth quarter of 2016, many companies are looking ahead to budgeting for 2017. According to Hotel Management, 2017 already holds big changes for general contractors in Colorado Springs. According to a survey by Hotel Management, 70 percent of hoteliers are planning to invest in renovations in 2017. Of those surveyed, 54 percent of respondents said they will be making hard renovations. In addition, 53 percent reported their plans for expansion as the year kicks off. With hotels planning to place their money in renovations this upcoming year, general contractors will be reaping the benefits.

General Contractors in Colorado Springs for Renovations

The increase in hotel renovations are largely driven by current hotel trends, such as the demand for sustainable properties that attract health and environment-conscious Millennials. As a result, general contractors that offer green building and sustainability services will be the first to benefit from the surge in renovations.

With hotels renovating to meet the demand of rising consumer expectations, the properties are being renewed while raising the value of the properties. The enthusiasm from customers behind sustainable and environmentally-friendly hotels is causing hotel corporations throughout the nation to embrace the opportunity to not only meet the customer demands, but also increase their overhead through lower operational and maintenance costs.

As 2017 is just around the corner, hotels are already actively seeking those who will deliver their expectations for renovations. Among the largest in demand will be general contractors in Colorado Springs offering design-build and green building, such as iiCON Construction Group, to efficiently perform the renovations.

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