Different Paints For The Exterior Of Your Home

Once the decision has been made to hire a contractor and paint the exterior of the house, the homeowner may be quite surprised at the choices they have. The array of possible colors is mind boggling, but over and above that, the homeowner must decide whether he or she wants oil based or water based primers and top costs. The contractor will be the first to tell you that different applications call for different paints.

What paint is most appropriate?

Oil based and water based paints both have certain strengths and preferred applications. The best paint to use when painting the exterior of your home depends a great deal on the condition of the house surface and what material is on it at the moment.

Oil based primer and paint penetrates into the wood and adheres very well to the surface. These features enable the paint to last longer before repainting is required and, oil based paint dries to a very smooth finish. A downside to oil based paints is the time it takes to dry completely and they give off a more pungent odor. Water based paints; either latex or acrylic, dry much quicker and are virtually odor free.

Preparation is key to a beautiful paint job:

Regardless of whether oil based or water based paint has been selected, for house painting in Oak Park to look great and last a long time, the surfaces must be properly prepared and primed with that which is most suitable for the material. Wood trim, metal railings and concrete all have different paints that have been specially formulated. These paints are manufactured to adhere properly to the material and resist peeling and blistering. It is not only the material that is important, where the house is located is also a consideration. Paints used for dry climates are very different than paints used in climates which see a considerable amount of rain.

If the paint on your home is beginning to peel, blister or fade it is time to consider painting the exterior. If you are looking for a contractor that does house painting in Oak Park look no further than Fortune Restoration.