Fraudulent Circumstances that Qualify for Using the Lemon Law in Your State

When you buy a car, you expect the seller to be completely honest with you about its condition. You want to buy a vehicle that runs and will not cost you a lot of money to repair.

However, when you have purchased a vehicle with needed repairs that will cost more than the car’s value, you have the right to pursue a partial or full refund of the price that you paid. You can hire a lawyer who knows the Missouri lemon law to represent you.

Costly Repairs

When you buy a car, you do not expect having to make repairs to it right away. You expect it to run for several hundred miles at least before you have to change tires, replace spark plugs or perform other routine repair or maintenance tasks.

When the car malfunctions immediately after buying, you can pursue getting a refund under the Missouri lemon law. Your attorney can provide documentation if needed to the court to show that the seller took advantage of you and did not disclose the full condition of the vehicle when you purchased it.

The lemon law lets you file a lawsuit if needed against the seller. The seller then has 30 days to either offer you a full refund or go against you in court. A judge can decide if you are entitled to a full refund.

You can find out more about the Missouri lemon law online. Contact to find a lawyer to hire for your case today.

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