Ordering Wholesale Tortillas in New Jersey for a Broad Range of Meals

Wholesale Tortillas in New Jersey may seem like just humble flatbread, but they are so versatile that they serve as the foundation for a large number of meals. Tortillas are most commonly associated with Mexican cuisine, but they have become a staple on many American food menus now as the exterior component of wrap sandwiches.

Examples of Meals

Wholesale Tortillas in New Jersey are available in wheat and corn versions. Soft tacos are traditionally made with corn tortillas, but people in this part of the country tend to prefer the wheat versions. Enchiladas are made with corn tortillas, however. Burritos and quesadillas are made from wheat tortillas. The burrito and enchilada tortillas serve as a wrap for fillings like meat, cheese, beans, rice and vegetables. These meals are baked. Quesadillas, in contrast, consist of tortillas folded over and fried after they have been filled.

Because professional chefs use so many tortillas in their restaurant cooking, itcs unlikely they ever have stale ones left over. If they want to cook chillaquillas, which is a tasty way to use up older tortillas, they might leave the wraps out of the package for a while. Once the tortillas have stiffened, they can be fried in the chillaquilla dish with salsa and soft cheese.

Tortillas as Spoons

Historically, in Mexico and southwestern areas of the United States, people often used tortillas as a spoon of sports. Instead of piling the ingredients onto the flat tortilla and rolling it up, they held the tortilla in a boat-like shape and scooped food from a bowl. This is similar to the way people throughout North America use tortilla chips in nachos and as a way to eat salsa and queso.

Soaring Popularity

Tortillas made from wheat flour have soared in popularity over recent years. These grain products now outsell all white bread combined. It’s the fastest-growing line in all grain products. Although Mexican individuals and families consume a large proportion of tortillas produced in North America, the strong demand verifies that people of many other ethnicities and nationalities have come to love this food. Restaurant owners and chefs may click here to view the products at one particular supplier of Mexican food items.

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