Importance Of Nanny Camera And Where To Get It

Nanny cameras are mostly used by the parents who have hired caregivers or nannies for taking care of their children. These cameras are used to record all the activities of the nannies during the hours when they take care of the child. There are a huge variety of nanny camera available in the market, which are wireless and they can be hidden in almost any type of household item.

The receiver can be connected to a VCR or any recording device. The camera can also be hooked up with an internet broadband connection, by the help of which you can remote view all the incidents, while you are working.

Some nanny cameras  are also equipped with internal hard drive or memory device by the help of which, they can record the video internally. This eliminates the need for a wireless receiver and there is also no need to make a connection through wire to any recording device.

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The BBClockBaseball 2.0 is a model, which almost looks like a day wall clock but it has a built in camera. The model has inbuilt memory card slot and it supports up to 32 GB Micro SD cards. It provides a picture resolution of 640 × 480 pixels. It has a battery life up to ten hours. The package, in which it comes, includes one camera, one remote control and one charging cable.

There are various other nanny cameras available such as smoke detector nanny cam, air freshener nanny cam, electrical box nanny cam, boom box nanny cam, emergency light nanny cam, motion detector nanny cam etc.

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