Five Signs a Basement Needs a Waterproofing Contractor in Boston, MA

Aside from the attic, the basement is one of the most overlooked areas of a home. This area is of extreme importance because it can show signs there are foundation problems that need to be rectified. It is imperative homeowners perform an inspection on their basement a couple of times a year to be sure no damage is occurring. Knowing the signs to look for will allow a homeowner to know when they need a waterproofing contractor in Boston MA.

If these five signs are noticed, a homeowner needs to hire a contractor.

* When a basement has a musty or moldy odor, this likely means there is a moisture problem that needs to be resolved. Even if there are no other obvious signs of moisture issues, the smell alone should alert a homeowner water is seeping through from the exterior.

* Efflorescence occurs on bricks and cement blocks when there is a moisture problem. Efflorescence is a white, chalky residue that forms on the bricks and blocks. While it is not dangerous in itself, it does mean the basement is being compromised by moisture.

* When a homeowner sees mold in their basement, it is a definite sign of moisture problems and should not be ignored. If mold is seen in the basement, a homeowner not only needs to hire a Waterproofing Contractor in Boston MA, they may also need mold remediation services.

* Bowed walls indicate the basement is allowing moisture in that is actually shifting the walls and causing damage. This can also indicate foundation issues that must be resolved, so the integrity of the home is not compromised.

* Cracks in the floor of the basement can be caused by mounting water pressure around the foundation. If the cracks are large, it could mean the floor was not poured correctly or there are major foundation issues that need to be addressed.

If you are a homeowner that has noticed any of these signs in your basement, it is crucial you seek waterproofing services right away, so the home will not continue to be damaged. If you would like further information or want to hire a contractor, contact us.

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