Find World-Class Craftsmanship in Gorgeous Modern Rugs from Tacoma

The art of weaving and rug-making has existed since ancient times. Today, those beautiful patterns and world-class craftsmanship are evident in these gorgeous modern rugs from a Tacoma rug dealer known for unique finer rugs made by rug artisans from Nepal. These stunning works of art are priceless.

Customize Your Area Rug & Get It Delivered In Just Weeks

One outstanding source of hand-woven artisan rugs from Nepal offers a one-of-a-kind service for welcome clients desiring a unique and original rug that nobody else has. It is easy to use the site to customize your rug element choices. In just 16 weeks, your new and exquisitely detailed modern rugs that a Tacoma based rug dealer orders will arrive at your doorstep ready to grace your indoor/outdoor space. These spectacular area rugs will last for generations and will become a true family heirloom.

Reasons to Trust This Honest & Longstanding Rug Expert

Since 1994, this rug supplier has been in the business of finding and selling some of the best works from true master rug weavers from far away exotic places like Nepal. Your rug will have the finest fibers perfectly dyed and then protected with an exclusive finish to keep the colors vibrant and the fibers soft and silky through years of use.

Create Room Ambiance by Decorating with Sensational Handmade Rugs

Any of the available handmade rugs will elevate your room’s style and can be customized to complement existing room furnishings perfectly. Contact Mafi Rugs at

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