Make the Most of Your Trip to Chicago with A River Cruise Tour

If you’re planning a trip to Chicago with your loved ones, you have to embark on a journey down the Chicago River or Lake Michigan’s waters on one of these impressive cruise ships. There are several different boats in the fleet, so you can choose which one will be most enjoyable for your excursion on the water. Some have open-air decks, while others allow you to enjoy the views from a covered seating area.

Educational & Exciting

Taking a traditional walking tour around the city can be informational, but you don’t get to see all of the stunning buildings quite like you can as you glide by the skyline on the best Chicago River cruise in town. All of the guides are CFCA certified and are well-trained in the history of the architecture that makes up the Chicago skyline. Every tour guide also has an energetic personality of their own that they use to keep you entertained on the 90-minute tour.

Choose A Tour Experience

There are several different tour options to choose from when you embark on one of these nautical journeys around the city. Sign up for yoga classes aboard the open-deck ships every Sunday, or enjoy an afternoon cruise around Lake Michigan to enjoy some sun and fresh air. You can even take an evening tour that gives you a unique look at the city as it comes to life with nightlife in the glow of the setting sun.

Contact Chicago’s First Lady Cruises to learn more about their fleet and the best Chicago River cruise in town.

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