Antique Rug Restoration In New York City Can Repair Your Valuable Oriental Rug

An oriental rug helps tie a room together in a way almost no other decorating piece can. A hand-woven rug inspired by designs from areas such as China, India or Tibet is beautiful as well as versatile. The variety of colors and patterns allow you to use complementary colors in your other decorating pieces that a monotone rug wouldn’t support. An oriental rug is practical too, since its colorful pattern hides stains that other flooring materials would highlight. If you have an oriental or antique rug that’s been handed down through your family, you’ll want to make sure it remains in excellent shape for as long as possible. Good antique rug restoration in New York City offers necessary care.

The reasons an antique rug might need restoration are varied. The rug may have been damaged by water due to a flood or moisture leaking from a potted plant. Water damage must be remedied immediately to prevent cracking and even rotting of the area that has remained moist for some time. Sun can damage an oriental rug too by fading it with ultraviolet rays. Moths and other insects are particularly damaging. The eggs a moth lays in a rug hatch into thousands of larvae that survive by eating the wool fibers in the rug. Even your pets can cause damage by chewing or scratching the rug. If you’ve experienced any of these types of damage, you’ll need to contact a company that does antique rug restoration in New York City.

The Golden Horn, an antique rug restorer, specializes in returning antique rugs to a condition as close to new as possible. This is accomplished by determining the type of damage that has occurred and undertaking the best restoration process. If the edges of the rug have raveled or a hole has developed in the middle of the rug, expert weavers can repair the damage by reweaving the area. A rug that has been damaged by sunlight is best restored with the use of natural dyes made of plant and mineral sources. The re-dying process is carefully done to match the colors of the rest of the rug as accurately as possible.

A rug that perfectly complements the decor of a room is nearly priceless. If it’s a valued object handed down from generation to generation, restoring your valuable antique rug is well worth the time and cost.

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