Find a Tattoo Shop Chicago

You’ve spent months brainstorming ideas for your new tattoo, and now you feel that you’re finally ready to get inked. Chicago is a big city with plenty of great tattoo shops choose from for your new piece. There are a few things you should look for before committing to one shop. Remember to go with your gut when choosing where you’re being inked. You want licensed and qualified professionals who have plenty of experience with tattooing.

How to Find a Tattoo Shop in Chicago

Look at online reviews to help you find a tattoo shop in Chicago. These days, online reviews help a lot when choosing a salon, restaurant or a tattoo shop. Searching online is your best bet if you have had trouble finding a good shop in the past. There’s no pressure and you can read reviews from real people who have visited the shop and had work done. This is the first tool you should use when finding a new tattoo shop.

Ask for a consultation with an artist at the shop you’re considering. Some tattoo shops allow you to come in and discuss the tattoo beforehand. If you can get a look at the artist’s previous work, you may now feel comfortable moving forward with the tattoo. Many tattoo shops have a list of their artists and links to each artist’s portfolio online. This allows you to go through past work and get a feel for the specialty of the artist. This can be beneficial for you if you know you want a skull, flowers or other specific image included in the tattoo.

Look for a tattoo shop comfortable with custom work. Ideally, you want the artist to be 100% confident in what he or she is drawing on your body. Because of this, look for tattoo shops that specialize in custom work. This means each tattoo is a custom experience and image. The artist will only come up with something that he or she is confident that they can produce well. You’ll never run into a problem because the image is created by the artist and inspired by whatever you want on your body. The artist will take this inspiration, create an image and show it to you for approval before inking your body. This is a great way to collaborate with the artist and let his or her natural abilities shine through. This also ensures a high quality tattoo you’ll be proud showing off.

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