What to Look for When Choosing a Reliable Air Conditioning Company

There are so many air conditioning companies out there but how do you choose the one that’s right for you? It’s important to choose a company that specialises in your area; so if you are a commercial organisation, choose a commercial air conditioning company, or at the very least ask which other offices or workspaces the company has supplied air conditioning to.

Poorly installed air conditioning will not work as well as it should, leading to expensive running costs, repairs and maintenance. It can also put the health of your staff at risk due to fluctuating temperatures and too much humidity in the air causing respiratory issues and the spread of disease.

Choose an Experienced Technician
Make sure that you appoint a professionally qualified and experienced air conditioning technician to install your Air con in Sussex. Summers in Sussex are typically warm and wet, with heat waves hitting much of England over the past few years during July and August. It’s important to make sure that your air conditioning unit maintains a temperature of between 21 – 25 degrees centigrade for the healthiest environment and a humidity level of between 60 – 70 percent.

Check Cleaning Experience
Always ask the technician if they have dealt with air conditioning contracts before, to make sure that they know how to install units properly. When your air conditioning is being cleaned and maintained, ensure that the technician is using the correct chemicals, as otherwise this could be a health hazard. Air conditioning unit coils can experience harmful mould build up from the impurities in the air. Always ensure that any technician you appoint knows to clean these coils with a hose or vacuum outdoors – if they are cleaned indoors they can release harmful mould spores into the environment, which can then be inhaled. Any reliable air conditioning company will be knowledgeable about the correct size of drainage pipe to use for your unit to avoid choking.

Ask Friends and Family for Recommendations
It’s always a good idea to use a company which has been recommended by friends or another organisation; but if this is not possible, ask to see testimonials from previous satisfied customers, or make your own enquiries with other offices and buildings who have used the company to install their air con Sussex system.

Remember to always have your system checked, maintained and repaired regularly by the company who installed it. Proper maintenance of your air con Sussex system will ensure that your staff remain happy and healthy whilst working in an environment which is comfortable and does not put them at risk. Side effects from poorly maintained or dirty air conditioning systems can range from minor irritations such as sore eyes and throat, to serious respiratory difficulties, the spread of infectious respiratory diseases and even Legionnaires disease, so ensure you keep your system in good working order.

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