Eye Exams in Ellisville MS Spot Glaucoma Early and Take Action

Periodic eye exams can spot the degradation of eye health over time, and review the eyes for anything more imposing and damaging that may be going on within them. Eye health will get worse over time for the majority of people, so frequent eye exams and visits are essential. At the very least, doctors prescribe updated glasses and contact lenses that conform to the new condition of the eyes. But some tests are a little more involved. Any hints or suspicions of glaucoma will result in a full glaucoma test.

What is the Glaucoma Exam or Test?

The test is not as dramatic as it may initially appear to be. Glacucoma is not just one disease, but many. It typically revolves around the eye nerve where damage is occurring to the nerve which is distorting signals sent from the eyes to the brain. It could cause cloudy vision and other symptoms, and will require surgical intervention.

When to Get the Exam?

Most professionals recommend that anyone over the age of 40 should get glaucoma Eye Exams in Ellisville MS. The unfortunate reality of glaucoma is that it is very difficult to discover early on from symptoms and other degradation. The damage to the optic nerve can progress quite far with having little obvious and overt effects on vision. This has caused many people to get the tests done only to be unfortunately late to reverse may of the effects.

What are the tests like?

The Eye Exams in Ellisville MS will review a number of parameters. One of the most immediate is the review of the pressure placed upon the optic nerve. This is an easy test that blows a mild bit of air into the eye which is painless and only takes a moment.

Visit or contact the Lindstrom Eye & Laser Center if there is any detection or possibility of glaucoma. Anyone over 40 should get it done. At the very best, patients will feel comfortable knowing they are not developing it. Further, early detection is absolute for making it a minor problem that can largely be maintained.

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