Categories of Restaurant Permits in Los Angeles

Just like any business, restaurants not only require you to be dedicated to your work, you will also need a work permit for you to operate legally. There are several Restaurant Permits in Los Angeles that are needed, which include:

Business license

This is needed for your business to be recognized legally. You need to abide by all the laws in order to get it. It is issued by the county government or at the city hall. Apply for it by filling all the necessary forms.

Occupancy certificate

This is issued by the building inspector in your area. Without this, you cannot open the doors of the restaurant even though you have a business permit. Contact Orchid Construction & Facility Services for inspection.

Flammable materials permit

This permit is from the fire department, which is needed if you use or store highly flammable materials in the hotel. In other areas, you will need the permit just to make sure that you are ready to tackle any fire if it breaks out. It is for the safety of your customers and those in the adjacent buildings. You have to go through a fire inspection before being issued with the certificate.

Health permit

This is the permit that allows you to handle food stuffs in a safe and healthy way. Without this, you might be faced with the charges of trying to poison your customers.

Legal name

Your business has to be registered under the local businesses bureau. The name should be unique, meaning that you should not copy one from any other business. It is to protect your trademark as well as to identify you as a unique entity.

Retail sales permit or resale certificate

This permit will allow you to charge sales tax. Tax rates vary depending on where your business is located. The permit can only be applied for in your state and if you happen to move, you will have to reapply for it in the new state.

There are so many other Restaurant Permits in Los Angeles that you must obtain before you open your hotel, failure to which you will not be able to open business, or incur hefty fines. Moreover, the business might be closed if you had already opened and for serious offenses, you may go to jail. More details on the same can be found on domain URL.

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