Educated Cigar Smokers Prefer Hav-A-Tampas

Over the years the American cigar smoker has become more educated concerning cigars. This has resulted in a discriminating taste for some of the finer cigars offered overseas and in America. Hav-A-Tampa Cigars are manufactured in the United States and originated in 1901. They have since become the world’s top selling cigar that is wood-tipped. With a mild and smooth flavor they have easily become a top contender for cigar aficionados that have discriminating tastes. Although they are machine-made, they are comprised of homogenized tobacco leaf wrappers that make these cigars a domestic favorite. This inexpensive alternative to hand rolled cigars, which are quite expensive, makes for a great alternative. The wood tip is also known to make the smoke smooth with an exquisitely comfortable feel.

It Is All in the Distinct Tip

Having a distinct wood tip makes the Hav-A-Tampa cigar a top selling cigar available on the cigar market. The tip itself has the faintest taste of honey added to it, and is made from birch wood. The use of honey on the tip has been a trade secret for Hav-A-Tampa, making them a prevalent sweet choice. Every draw is smooth and pure pleasure when it comes to enjoying the smoky aroma and essence of the cigar. They come in two flavors, natural and sweet. With a unique domestic tobacco blend, it is easy to see why these cigars are a favorite that provide a smooth and opulent smoke that accommodates even the pickiest cigar smoker.

Known and Savored as a Classic

The Hav-A-Tampa cigar is solid yet the smoke is light. Combine these qualities with the distinct wood tip and you have a cigar that is a genuine pleasure to smoke. The tobacco flavors are extra-mild and guarantee that you will find pleasure when smoking this warm and light cigar. It is easy to see why the Hav-A-Tampa cigar has become a classic cigar that is savored and a go-to smoke for new and regular cigar smokers. Since Hav-A-Tampa is so well-known they are easy to find on the internet when you browse cigar websites. If you have never smoked a cigar before, try this brand for your first and you will soon understand why it is known as a classic.

Jewels among Cigars

For a unique and excellent cigar smoking experience try the Hav-A-Tampa Jewel Cigar. The filler used is a Caribbean Basin Cuban seed filler that is fulfilling mixed with a mellow and sweet tobacco blend. This cigar is known to be very gratifying and has become a much-loved cigar in America and overseas.

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