Benefits of Frost Proof Planters

The beauty of a well-kept garden is undeniable during the warmer months. Unfortunately, just as many plants begin to die when cold weather strikes, many of their planters are also no match for inclement weather. Frost proof planters allow you to conveniently leave your pots outside all winter so they are immediately ready for the next planting season.

Galestro Clay
Planters made from Galestro clay are widely popular, especially in cold regions, because they are frost resistant. In fact, galestro clay is considered the best type of clay globally due to its frost resistance and mechanical strength. Galestro is a soft rock that is prevalent in Florence, Italy, with Galestro clay giving planters frost resistance of more than 20 degrees below zero. Pots that are produced with this type of clay are considered top-notch and typically are present in important gardens throughout the world.

Frost Proof Pot Information
A top-tier garden design company can assist you with selecting frost proof planters for your garden. These pots offer the benefit of not only being functional in cold climates but also being unique, with no identical copies of a pot existing. When you choose a leading company, you can rest assured that your pot design will be well-made and refined.

It is worth noting that the clay in frost proof pots is not necessarily impermeable to water. Clay is naturally porous, as porosity provides plants with a more adequate supply of oxygen to their roots. Therefore, during the winter season, the clay’s pores can absorb water, and this water has the potential to expand when it freezes.

Frost Proof Planter Tips
A few tips can help you keep your clay pot from breaking during the winter due to the presence of frozen water in its pores. First, avoid blocking a pot’s drainage holes, and be sure the plant roots or soil doesn’t prevent the leakage of water. Also, avoid putting water in your clay pot during the winter, and try to keep the pot raised from the ground. By taking the right steps, your frost proof planters will last a long time and hold up in even the harshest winters.

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