Dental Implants in Chicago Can Transform Your Smile Using Modern Techniques

A dental implant involves replacing missing or damaged teeth with an artificial replacement that works and appears completely natural. It requires surgery involving placing dental implants in the jaw bone. The implant functions as a root for the missing teeth. There are many practitioners offering dental implants in Chicago. Implants are very secure as they are fused into the bone structure, cause no damage to the surrounding region, and don’t make any noise.

Dental Implant Surgery
The patient receiving the implant is fitted with a small metal post. Finally, an artificial tooth crown is placed on top. This is what creates the natural appearance of a tooth. Dentists will recommend implant procedures if the patient prefers not wearing dentures and has at least one missing tooth. Dental implants are beneficial to patients that have enough bone structure in the jaw, don’t have serious health problems that might interfere with healing, and have healthy tissues.

Implant Placement
Dental implants in Chicago may take several months to complete. An anesthetic is provided for patients to control pain. Anesthesia usually includes a local or general anesthetic, or another form of sedation. The dental surgeon will cut open the gum area to expose bones. A drill is used for creating holes in the region. Next, an implant cylinder is situated in the opening which functions as a tooth root. A temporary partial or denture is then placed in the mouth. After everything fuses together, the gum is reopened and an abutment is attached.

Healing Process
After the abutment is situated, the patient’s gums are allowed to heal up for several weeks. After the healing process has finished, dental impressions are made of any natural teeth. An artificial crown or teeth are created. Following the surgical procedure the patient may experience pain, swelling, bleeding and bruising. If these problems persist or get worse the surgeon should be alerted as quickly as possible. As with any surgery there can be certain risks. As an example, the patient could get an infection at the implant site or there might be nerve damage.

Gum Surgery
In addition to teeth implants, there is also gum implant surgery. This is a procedure to modify the gum line by either grafting tissue or removing affected areas. The process is carried out for gum disease treatment or for cosmetic reasons. A specialist performs this type of surgery. They utilize various techniques to restore gums back to a healthy condition. Recovery time is usually less than two weeks.

Potential Risks
Dental implants in Chicago are a safe and very effective treatment to replace missing teeth permanently. It’s important to discuss with your dental practitioner about any potential complications. In addition to infection, rejection of the device can also occur. Patients that have a new dental implant should focus efforts on reducing bite pressure. This will help prevent the implant from overloading and damaging surrounding bone and tissue.

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dental implants

dental implants