Fencing in Austin: Attractive Nuisance

There are a lot of reasons people want fencing in Austin. For people with swimming pools, they have two over-powering reasons. One reason is the simple desire for basic human privacy. You don’t need busy body neighbors with telescopes or creeping leers to make you feel overly exposed in your backyard.  If you have a pool the desire to fence your yard in becomes even more acute. Part of that is because of a very simple legal reason. If you have a swimming pool, more than anyone else you should look into fencing in Austin.

There’s a legal principle known as attractive nuisance, this states that if you have something likely to tempt children into it you bear some legal responsibility if they get hurt going after it and you’ve done nothing to prevent them from doing so. One of the classic examples is leaving a refrigerator outside, if a child crawls into it and gets trapped you bear some legal liability for not having broken the door off or otherwise prevent the situation from occurring. The same principle holds true for swimming pools. Having invested in fencing in Austin can keep that same home owner out of some nasty legal trouble. There’s also the very real benefit of making it less likely for a kid to scramble into the pool, even if you’re out of legal trouble no one wants to have someone get hurt in their property like that.

The final issue is privacy. Even if you’re in great shape, physically attractive, and have no shame about your appearance, it’s not comforting to have people able to see you in your bathing suit if you’re not in the mood for it. Part of the joy of having your own swimming pool is that you don’t have to worry about everyone at a public pool staring you down. Even without a swimming pool it’s nice having a bit of privacy in your back yard when you want to relax and just be by yourself.

Whether you’re looking for fencing in Austin because you’re worried about the principle of attractive nuisance, or because you’re in the mood to have more privacy, a well built fence can do a lot. IF built and constructed properly it’s not likely to be an eye sore. If you live on a postage stamp of land, perhaps fencing in your Austin yard isn’t the best idea for your individual case. The fences are likely to make the yard feel even smaller, and if you’re that tightly packed in you likely don’t have any expectations of privacy.

A lot of people are investing in fencing in Austin , whether you’re fencing in your back yard or your front yard, whether it’s for privacy or protection there are a lot of reasons to want to put up fences. Viking Fence, an Austin based company, is here to help with their access to quality materials and experience they can help you get going with the perfect supplies. They can be found online at http://vikingfence.com/, or reached via telephone at 1-800-252-8117

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