Who to Hire as Your Criminal Defense Lawyer

Criminal offenses are the scariest legal offenses any common citizen can be accused of, especially those grievous felonies like murder or rape. Because of the seriousness of such crimes, you badly need to know what your rights are.

Here are some of the most important rights of the accused: the right to presumption of innocence until proven otherwise, the right to trial by jury, the right to a speedy trial, the right to a public trial, the right to be represented by counsel, the right to present witnesses and evidence to establish one’s innocence, the right to cross-examine one’s accusers, the right to remain silent, the right against unreasonable search and seizure, freedom from double jeopardy, and the right to appeal.

These rights may be too huge to munch and understand; and if you are not that aware of your rights, authorities might take advantage of you. There is only one right that you must make sure you enjoy and every other right will come into place — the right to counsel. You must seek the help of a Criminal defense Lawyer in King George for you to make sure that your rights are not trampled upon. The main job of your attorney is to make sure that all pertinent laws are followed to their full extent in accordance with the charges filed against their client. Thus, he must be extremely knowledgeable and have a clear understanding of all the laws governing criminal cases, especially the fundamental principles of the land which is the United States constitution.

You cannot have this assurance with a public defender, as most of them are fresh law graduates who may have an edge over knowledge but fundamentally lack the necessary experience; and, in most cases, experience is usually equated with expertise. You can actually hire just any Criminal Lawyer in King George because, basically, they all are educated almost the same way. But the question is, are they experienced?

The most enticing credential you may find from a lawyer would be that he graduated from a prestigious school, say Harvard Law School. The next thing you must look at is his years of experience. A decade or so of practice is usually a good gamble. Then, try to peek into how many similar cases he has handled throughout his career. Then lastly, look at his price and determine if it’s competitive. If you see that he is too expensive, you can look for another one who has the same credentials but with a more affordable fee. Lastly, check the testimonials of his previous clients. You may interview people or check their website because usually they include a testimonial section.

The only thing you have to remember is you are not alone and you have the right to counsel. The judicial system is fair and just. Bear these in mind and you will surely be more relaxed and confident when in the trial court.

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Criminal Lawyer in King George

Criminal Lawyer in King George