Cutting The Cost Of CD Duplication In NYC

For an individual that wants to make copies of their own personal music and song collections the cost of CD duplication in NYC is probably not a big factor. However, if you are a performer of any type including a singer, musician, director or you happen to manage or play in a band keeping costs down can be a very important consideration.

There are several ways that you can help to reduce the costs of CD duplication in NYC. These are very similar to the ways that you can help reduce all your media production costs so it is a good way to save on more than just the cost of producing large numbers of CDs.

Get it Right

One of the biggest mistakes that performers can make when contracting for CD duplication in NYC is to provide a master copy or set of files that are not perfect in the first place. Background noises, vibrations, poor quality recording and poor production will all create a less than perfect master.

CD duplication in NYC does not clean up the original; it simply reproduces the original with high quality copies. Any noises, errors, or issues with the original will be copied to the duplicates through the process.

Buy in Bulk

For those people that know they are going to need a larger quantity of copies consider ordering all your CD duplication in NYC at the same time. This can assist in keeping the cost per unit lower and may also allow you to have better pricing in all other associated services.

These could include printing on the CD as well as packaging and printed covers. Some companies will also provide you with additional options such as custom CD jackets and tray cards. Getting these all done with one company not only helps with pricing but it also ensures that your order can be completed when you need it.

It is also a great idea to complete all your CD duplication in NYC with the same company. Working with the same company for all your projects allows the company to get to know what you want and offer you specials or discounts based on the total volume of business that you do together.

For large volume orders see us for your CD duplication in NYC. To get a quote online or learn more go to

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