Top Reasons To Wear A Retainer Nose Ring

While it is difficult to actually know how many people have piercings, in a study done by Northwestern University in January of 2014 it was found in a survey at approximately 14% of the population of the United States had a piercing other than their ear lobes. Of this number about 19% of women reported a nose piercing, which was second on the list not counting traditional ear lobe piercings. For men the nose was 5th on the list. While nose piercings are definitely not uncommon, there may be times when you need to avoid drawing attention to the piercing by wearing a retainer nose ring.

A retainer nose ring is a small, acrylic or Lucite copy of a standard basic barbell or screw type of nose ring. It is designed to be minimally visible while still maintaining and protecting your piercing when you cannot or do not wish to wear your actual body jewelry. There are many different reasons why you may not be able to wear traditional nose rings so having a retainer nose ring on hand is always a great idea.

Work Regulations and Dress Codes

People that are employed in a range of different occupations may find that their company prohibits the use of any type of visible body jewelry. In some cases you may also be prohibited from wearing non-visible body jewelry such as nipple or belly rings as well. Often this is the case if you have to go through security checkpoints or metal detectors to get in and out of your workplace.

A retainer nose ring, since it is plastic, will not cause any issue in going through security or metal detectors. Keep this in mind for other body piercings as well as there are retainers for all types of piercings.

Professional Appearance

Men and women that work in professions where piercings are not common or those that are applying for a job with a company where the policy is unknown may want to use a retainer nose ring. This allows you to draw very little attention to the fact that you have a nose piercing until you know the policy and then have the option to make the decision to wear or not wear your nose ring.

Safety during sports or on the job may also be an excellent reason to wear a retainer nose ring. This prevents body jewelry from being snagged or pulled, possible leading to damage of the tissue around the piercing.

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